Use your voice to beat the game – One Hand Clapping Review


If you love indie games for the experiments they do which the AAA titles will never try then “One Hand Clapping” is surely a game for you. Made by USCGames One Hand Clapping is a 2d puzzle platformer game where you manipulate the world around you with your voice. All you need for this game is a microphone, headphones and your voice (and obviously a computer with an os, a keyboard and a mouse). So without much delay I will present you my thoughts about this game.

Indie games are often the games with the weirdest experiments done on gameplay, story and even the art style. To some people these experimental things seem to be awesome but for some they are not. In the case of One Hand Clapping the experimental feature is using voice input from your microphone to effect the game-world. And this is the games plus point as well as minus point.

Gameplay and Graphics

Let’s start with the positive things of this game. The first thing that is most attractive about this game is its level design. It is too hard to design challenging yet interesting levels centering a completely new game mechanics. But USCGames did it pretty well. Sure there are some challenges which are a little difficult and frustrating for normal people, but for those who are singers… This game is awesome test for their singing skills especially their grips on different notes.(I don’t know whether they are called notes or tones as I’m not a singer).

The next attractive thing is the beautiful art style and the choice of colors. The colors perfectly go with the situations of the game. It is a thing which can’t be explained in words but it is a thing you need to experience by downloading the game from the page. And their web-page is also full of perfectly chosen colors.

If you don’t have a good microphone then it is pretty difficult to play and that extra requirement of that mic narrows the potential market of this game. And that is the only complaint about this game.

I would say if you are familiar with singing and you have a microphone then you must try this experimental indie game.
Reader Rating5 Votes4.9
Beautiful Artstyle
Interesting concept
You need a good microphone
Your own voice echo


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