Gravity plays with you – Perfect Moon Quick Review

Found in the corners of Google Play, Perfect Moon is a short and simple game with interesting mechanics.

You play as an unnamed man searching for his companion. In order to find the companion, you navigate the man across levels which utilize gravity in various ways.

One of the levels. The man is upside down.
Zig Zag“, one of the levels.

By only making use of the left and right sides of the touchscreen, you can move the man left or right, jump if you hold in the direction you want to go and tap on the other, and even glide through the levels, possibly completing them faster.

Your goal is to collect all the gems scattered in the levels, of which there are seven per level. These levels often involve planets and moons (with their own gravity), upside down sections, several moons at once, and binary systems. They also have other gimmicks, like teleporters, swingers, and deadly obstacles.

"The Discs of Doom". Being chased around by buzz-saws is fun.
The Discs of Doom”. Being chased around by buzz-saws is fun.

Depending on the time you take to collect all the gems, you could earn up to three stars per level, and you will always gain at least one star for completing a level. Stars are required to unlock later levels.

The game is just short and delightful enough. The controls take a little getting used to, but besides the fickleness of gliding (which is required for one level at the near end), you will master them in no time, even if you’re used to the virtual joysticks and buttons in other games. That said, there are some levels that you must retry several times before nailing them, whether with all gems or without (“Spin and Swing” comes to mind). The weird art style and the simplistic music only compliment the game’s nature, and surprisingly enough, the black and white visuals won’t get too much into the way, but it is always better to be careful around deadly obstacles.

Gliding in "Desert Island".
Gliding in “Desert Island”.

For a $0.99 game, you get 29 levels (not counting “Tutorial“) that will last you more than an hour if you go for all the stars, with no in-app purchases or ads. For one, I personally enjoyed the game and would like to see more games based on the idea of gravity that Perfect Moon shows.


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