Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a distribution platform selling games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Since Humble’s founding in 2010, their mission has been to support charity (“Humble”) while providing awesome content to customers at great prices (“Bundle”). They started by offering only game bundles, but have branched out to include an online storefront, a monthly subscription service, a publishing initiative, and lots more.
If you want to check out their store then CLICK HERE

Indie Game Utopia

Originally created as a Skype group in 2016, Indie Game Utopia now has a Discord server with over 400 members. While their focus is on game development, you are allowed to talk about whatever you would like (as long as it follows the rules).

If you want to check out their discord then CLICK HERE

Indie Game Fiend

IGF spends a huge portion of his time sifting through the interwebz to find games he believes deserve attention. While plenty of “Top Indie” and “Indie Review” channels exist he was always looking for a less opinionated unbiased source that just displayed games in bulk that looked decent enough. He found a channel of this type was missing and that’s how Indie Game Fiend was born! While he’s still slightly selective about what makes it on Indie Game Fiend he tries to not base it solely off of what he’d enjoy playing and instead just what he believes looks presentable.
If you want to check out his channel then CLICK HERE


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